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Games and sports are necessary part of our life. They are to the body what education is to the mind. But, no. they are an integral part of education itself.

Those who have not played any games in life should consider their education incomplete. Our Father of Nations, Mahatma Gandhi greatly lamented for not having given proper attention to games during his formative years.

When it comes to having fun, kids have the advantage over adults. While most adults would like to have a good time, the desire is often tempered by a competing need to get ahead in life or to get things done. While an adult's day is largely filled with tasks, responsibilities and the acquisition of resources, a kid's life in a privileged country is generally structured around having fun, or being educated in fun or interesting ways. While play is viewed as a necessary component of childhood, it's perceived as a luxury for adults. And as hard as we try to make sure our kids are having fun, they may be even happier when provided less structure or forced stimulation.

The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports, but the list of values your child may learn and acquire through sports does not end here. Other positive aspects are numerous, which reveals the true beauty of sport.

We, National Amusement Games redefine entertainment and amusement with focused innovations and fun-filled solutions. NAG manufacture and export Coin Operated Kiddy Rides and Family rides. We are in this endeavor since 2005 with the vision of providing one point service to amusement industries for the whole country. NAG is a member of AAPI (Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries) and follows the instructions of association. NAG personnel’s have been attended many training programs conducted by AAPI.

NAG provides Service Contract on comprehensive and non-comprehensive basis of all the Products supplied throughout India. We are dealing with Video games, Kiddy Rides and all kind of amusement games extensively throughout the world. We are expertise in customizing as per requirement of our clients.

Our Products are totally quality based and indigenous and non- compromising quality standards with world class products. These products are made by considering the preferences of children & our clients. We can customize these products as per the exact details provided by the clients. NAG could grow amazingly within the time around two decades making revolution in the industry by introducing remarkable new-fangled and innovative products in the industry and trying to improvise the quality of the products in the market continuously.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision to become a global leader in amusement games & kids rides manufacturing industries. We have set a goal to achieve this feat with our endeavor and customer centric approach.

Our mission is come up with best quality product at an unbeatable price. Our aim is to provide our customers with best range of games at best prices without compromising on quality and value delivery.